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Free Downloadable Literature

Choose literature to download below. See also our printed FREE catalogs.

If you need literature immediately, we offer many of our product bulletins in a convenient PDF format. Simply click on the bulletin you need below.
Product Bulletins/brochures (PDF format)

Balances and ScalesBrochure_Practum_WL.pdf
Cole-Parmer Symmetry Balances (973.33 KB)

Calibration EquipmentFluke 750 Series Brochure.pdf

Calibration ServicesDavis Procal Brochure PDF (491 kB)

Discontinued ItemsAdvanced Modular Calibrator DPI 620 Brochure
Cole-Parmer Symmetry Balances (973.33 KB)
Digi-Sense (Folleto en español)
Infrared Brochure(1.44MB)
IP Systems Brochure (497 KB)
Masterflex® Tubing Application Guide Brochure (638 KB)
Metal Detector Brochure.pdf
Microfluidics brochure
Oakton Catalogo en Espanol.pdf (8.3 MB)
OAKTON Waterproof pHTestrs® (4.04 MB)
Oakton® Wireless Datalogger Brochure

Filters, Mixers, and TanksCole-Parmer® Stir-Pak® and ServoDyne™ Mixers brochure.pdf

General MaintenanceTimers Brochure(387 KB)

Heating EquipmentCole-Parmer Baths & Circulators Catalog.pdf (3.69 MB)

Phys D - Force - ThicknessDigital Microscope Brochure (206 KB)

Pressure MeasurementSanitary and Sterile Products Brochure (359 KB)

Pumps, Motors and Compressors3089.2_Gore_sellsht_0211.pdf(365.88 KB)
Bombas Masterflex B/T(folleto en español) (1.05 MB)
Bombe Masterflex L/S (Foglio in italiano)
Controladores Masterflex L/S de Precision y Velocidad Variable (folleto en español) (425 KB)
Manguera Masterflex Puri-Flex (folleto en español) (725 KB)
Masterflex Bombas em Portugues.pdf (8 MB)
Masterflex C-Flex ULTRA Tubing Brochure(222 KB)
Masterflex L/S Digital Modular Drives.pdf
Masterflex Puri-Flex Brochure in Chinese (777 KB)
Masterflex Puri-flex Pump Tubing Brochure(773.43 KB)
Masterflex® B/T® Brochure(6.8 MB)
Masterflex® B/T® Process Pumps Brochure (5.7 MB)
Masterflex® I/P® and B/T® Pump Systems Brochure (1.61 MB)
Masterflex® L/S® Digital Drives Brochure (300 KB)
Masterflex® L/S® Variable-Speed Analog Console Drive Brochure
Masterflex® Tubing Application Guide Brochure (638 KB)
Microfluidics brochure
Motores Digitales Masterflex L/S (folleto en español) (353 KB)
SolveFlex Tubing Brochure

Recorders and DataloggersCole Parmer® Data Acquisition Brochure (670 KB)

Safety Products32535-XX Series Protector Echo Filtered Fume Hoods.pdf

Temperature Measurement ProductsInfrared Brochure(1.44MB)

Water Quality - AnalyticalOakton Catalogo en Espanol.pdf (8.3 MB)
Oakton EcoTestr EC-TDS-Salt (922 KB)
Oakton EcoTestr pH 2 (609 KB)
Oakton pH Testrs (903 KB)
ROSS Promotion
Thermo Scientific AquaPro Probe Data Sheet PDF (782 KB)
Thermo Scientific HAAKE Portable Viscometers (284KB)

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