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Custom Ordering Solutions
Custom Ordering Solutions
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Recorders and Dataloggers

Recorders and Dataloggers

Davis Instruments offers various types of Data Acquisition products from premier electronics companies such as Agilent Technoligies, IOtech, M-System, Eurotherm Chessell, Monarch Instruments, Madge Tech, and many others.

Data Aquisition products come in modular and board versions. DAQ units are available with Windows based software which can be set-up to use a familiar spreadsheet environment to define measurement data to be collected. Units are available with multiple input types, counters, alarms, and remote configuration & data archiving. Additional features include input scanning, output timing, low-latency set point control, triggering, and every range can be calibrated from the factory using NIST traceable calibration methods. Numerous DAQ modules and boards are designed for expansion by plugging directly into a expansion connector.

Davis Instrumenst stocks DAQ modules and boards that are ideal for engineers...

who conduct data logging, measurement, or monitoring in a broad range of industries. We stocks products which are compatible with a wide range of application development environments. Many DAQ units are designed & configured for Plug & Play installation and are rack-mountable.

Applications for Data Acquisition Products & Recorders

  • Temperature & Pressure Monitoring
  • Temperature & Pressure Profiling
  • Power Monitoring
  • Process Troubleshooting
  • Tank Level Monitoring
  • Torque, RPM, and Temperature Process Monitoring
  • Humidity & Temperature Monitoring

Need help in selecting the best data acquisiton products for your specific application? Let our highly trained Application Specialists provide you with additional product specifications, guide you through DAQ product selection and maintenance, and offer support throughout the operational life of the DAQ products you purchase. They are thoroughly schooled on the products we sell and can answer the most challenging questions.


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 Product Detail

Red Pens 60500402: Pack of 5 for Partlow Recorder

  • Product Type: Chart Recorder Pen
  • Qty/pk: 5
  • Color: Red
Mfg Part# 60500402
In stock.
$52.50 USD/PACKAGE of 5


Extech SD700 Temperature/Humidity/Barometric Pressure Data Logger

  • Product Type: Pressure/humidity/temperature Datalogger
  • Temp range: 32 to 122°F
    (0 to 50°C)
  • Temp accuracy: ±1.5°F
Mfg Part# SD700
In stock.
$309.99 USD/EACH


Chart Paper, 8" -20 to +120F, 0 to 100 RH, 7 Day

  • Product Type: Chart Recorder Paper
  • Temperature range: -20 to 120 °F
  • Rotation: 7 day
Mfg Part# C417
In stock.
$49.50 USD/PACKAGE of 60


Partlow 60500402 Replacement Chart Recorder Pen, red

  • Product Type: Chart Recorder Pen
  • Qty/ea: 1
  • Color: Red
Mfg Part# 60500402
In stock.
$35.00 USD/EACH


EXTECH DL160 Dual Input True RMS AC Voltage/Current Datalogger

  • Product Type: Data Logger Voltage/Current
  • Software included: Windows® compatible software
  • AC current range: 10 to 200 A
Mfg Part# DL160
In stock.
$309.99 USD/EACH


Replacement Chart Recorder Pen, green, 5/pk

  • Product Type: Chart Recorder Pen
  • Qty/pk: 5
  • Color: Green
Mfg Part#
In stock.
$54.00 USD/PACKAGE of 5


Dickson Replacement Pen for Chart Recorder, red, 6/pk

  • Product Type: Chart Recorder Pen
  • Qty/pk: 6
  • Color: Red
Mfg Part# P222
In stock.
$52.50 USD/PACKAGE of 6


Dickson TH8P3 8" Temperature/humidity Recorder With Probe, Dig. Display And Alarms

  • Product Type: Temperature/Humidity Recorders
  • Min temperature: -20 º C
  • Max temperature: 85 º C
Mfg Part# TH8P3
In stock.
$683.00 USD/EACH


Thermal Paper for Honeywell DR4500A 12" Digital Recorders

  • Product Type: Chart Recorder Paper
  • Qty/pk: 100
  • Model: 30755317-001
Mfg Part# 30755317-001
In stock.
$63.75 USD/PACKAGE of 100


Extech 42280 Humidity/Temperature USB Datalogger

  • Product Type: Temperature/Humidity Dataloggers
  • Temp range: -4 to 144°F (-20 to 70°C)
  • Temp accuracy: ±1.0°F (0.6°C) from 32 to 122°F (0 to 50°C), ±2.0°F (1.2°C) outside of this range
Mfg Part# 42280
In stock.
$219.99 USD/EACH


Fuji Electric PHC66003-Aa0YV Strip Chart Recorder, 100 mm wide, 6-channel

  • Product Type: Strip Chart Recorders
  • Dimensions: 5-11/16" H x 5/11/16" W x 8" D
    (144 x 144 x 199 mm)
  • Chart size: 100 mm x 49.5 ft (15.08 m)
Mfg Part#
Available for order
or call 1-888-358-4712 to order
$2,619.00 USD/EACH


Cole-Parmer Single-Use Temperature Recorder; 10 Day, -20-100F/-28-38C

  • Product Type: Temperature Recorders
  • Min temperature: -28 º C
  • Max temperature: 38 º C
Mfg Part#
In stock.
$15.00 USD/EACH


Dickson C653 6" Recorder Charts, 7D, 0/50F/C 60/per box

  • Product Type: Chart Recorder Paper
  • Min temperature: 0 º C
  • Max temperature: 50 º C
Mfg Part# C653
Usually ships in 5 days.
$49.50 USD/PACKAGE of 17


Dickson Chart Paper, 0 To 1000, 24 Hr, 60/bx

  • Product Type: Chart Recorder Paper
  • Chart size: 8 inch
  • Chart type: Circular
Mfg Part# C441
Usually ships in 4 days.
$49.50 USD/BOX of 60


Graphic Controls 00910448 Chart Paper, 8", 7 day, -20 to 120°, 60 sheets/pk

  • Product Type: Chart Recorder Paper
  • Min temperature: -20 º F
  • Max temperature: 120 º F
Mfg Part# 00910448
In stock.
$47.25 USD/PACKAGE of 60


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