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Home  >  Sartorius Secura Semi-Micro Analytical Balances

Sartorius Secura Semi-Micro Analytical Balances

Sartorius Secura Semi-Micro Analytical Balances

  • Designed for users who work in regulated environments that require high accuracies
  • Color touch screen with picture graphic menu
  • Optoelectronic level sensor with alarm function and user interface
  • isoCAL fully automatic, motorized calibration and adjustment
  • No weighing below the minimum value with programmable SQmin
  • Easy to clean with removable glass draft shield, stain-resistant surfaces, and smooth contours
  • Supervisor lock prevents unintentional menu changes
  • Mini USB interface enables communication with a PC or printer
  • Weighing applications include general weighing, density, percentage, check weighing, peak hold, counting, and averaging
  • Built-in overload protection
  • Continuous Level Monitoring
Continuous Level Monitoring
The integrated LevelControl function checks whether your Secura® is level. It detects any tilt immediately, showing you on the display the steps you need to take to level the balance correctly.

Sample and Batch Identification
Use the built-in identification function to assign unique alphanumeric IDs to your samples and batches. With the YDP30 laboratory printer connected to the semi-microbalance, you can print your data easily and individually on standard paper or continuous labels

Secure Password Protection
Activate the password function to protect all your settings from any unintentional changes that could alter the metrological performance of your balance. In this way, you can be sure that your Secura will deliver secure weighing results.

Easy-to-Clean Design
Removable draft shield and weighing chamber base: All parts of the draft shield and weighing chamber can be quickly and easily disassembled – which helps ensure the best possible cleaning results. And if you happen to spill any liquid or granular samples while weighing, no problem for these five new balances. Their weighing chamber base, featuring a revolutionary new rimmed design, can be completely taken out of the chamber and readily wiped cleaned.

Ergonomic Draft Shield
One-Touch technology: The side doors of the draft shield open at a simple touch, enabling you to load a sample conveniently – without any mishaps. The draft shield is designed to compensate for ambient conditions, reducing their impact on your weighing results to a bare minimum.

Fast Data Transfer
Just connect the balance to your computer and start weighing right away – without the need for additional software. Thanks to the balance’s Plug & Play technology, your weighing results will be transferred instantly to the program you select. As a result, this makes “number-crunching” fast and easy using spreadsheet calculation programs

Intuitive Operation
Start Assistant function and SmartTouch user interface: These easy-to-understand features make it so simple to set up and work with the new semi-micro balances. Forget having to read an instruction manual. The display prompts show you all you need to know – helping you increase weighing efficiency in your lab.

Automatic Adjustment
The built-in adjustment function isoCAL will alert you whenever a defined interval has elapsed or a temperature limit has been exceeded. The balance will then perform fully automatic span adjustment using its internal weight. If the balance prompts you that it is ready to perform adjustment while you are weighing, just touch the button to have adjustment carried out later. Each adjustment procedure is documented by the Cal Audit Trail function and is 100% traceable for your quality assurance

 Product Detail

Sartorius Secura 225D-1S SemiMicro Analytical Balance 120/220gx0.01/.1mg iso Cal

  • Product Type: Semi-Microbalance
  • Calibration: Internal
  • Capacity: 120/220 dual range
Mfg Part# SECURA225D-1S
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$6,770.00 USD/EACH
$5,957.60 USD/EACH


Sartorius Secura 125-1S SemiMicro Analytical Balance 120g x 0.01mg, iso Calibration

  • Product Type: Semi-Microbalance
  • Calibration: Internal
  • Capacity: 60/120 dual range
Mfg Part# SECURA125-1S
Usually ships in 15 days.
$6,445.00 USD/EACH
$5,671.60 USD/EACH


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