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Temperature Calibrator

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Custom Ordering Solutions
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Temperature Calibrators

Temperature Calibrators

Davis Instruments offers a wide selection of temperature calibrators and calibration equipment to meet the varying demands of engineers and technicians monitoring industrial or non-industrial automated process control equipment. Whether you are calibrating using J, K, T, E, R, S, B, L, or U thermocouples or 7 different RTD types, Davis Instruments offers the temperature calibrator to meet your needs. Choose from an array of calibrators which will save you time and money because they integrate electrical and pressure calibration as well. In addition, documenting process calibrators are also available to print certificates of calibration where required.

Types of Temperature Calibrators

  • Thermocouple Calibrator
  • RTD Calibrator
  • Thermocouple and RTD Temperature Calibrators
  • Temperature Calibrators/Thermometers
  • High Accuracy RTD and Thermocouple Calibrator

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 Product Detail

Extech PRC20 Thermocouple Calibrator 6.3" x 3.2" x 1.7" (159 x 80 x 44mm)

  • Product Type: Thermocouple calibrator
  • Temp range: -184 to 3182°F (-120 to 1750°C) depending on thermocouple used
  • Dimensions: 6.3" x 3.2" x 1.7" (159 x 80 x 44mm)
Mfg Part# PRC20
Usually ships in 8 days.
$559.00 USD/EACH


Additel ADT 222A Multifunction Process Calibrator

  • Product Type: Process Calibrators
  • Model: ADT222A
  • Qty/ea: 1
Mfg Part# ADT222A
Usually ships in 12 days.
$4,215.00 USD/EACH


Fluke 712B RTD Temperature Calibrator 7 3/4" x 3 1/4" x 2"

  • Product Type: Temperature/RTD Calibrator
  • Storage temperature: -30 to 60°C
  • Resolution: Ohms source:
    0.00 to 400.00 ohm; 0.01 ohm
    400.00 to 4000.0 ohm; 0.1 ohm
Mfg Part# FLUKE-712B
Usually ships in 14 days.
$1,490.00 USD/EACH


Additel ADT 221A Multifunction Temperature Calibrator

  • Product Type: Multi-function Calibrators
  • Dimensions: 3 7/8" x 7 5/8" x 2" (99 x 193 x 45 mm)
  • Model: 221A
Mfg Part# ADT221A
Usually ships in 12 days.
$2,721.00 USD/EACH


Fluke Connect 789 Process Meter Temperature Kit with Wireless Capability

  • Product Type: Process Calibrators/Meters
  • Range: VDC: 400.0mV-1000V
    VAC: 400.0mV-1000V
    mADC: 30.000mA
    ADC: 1.000A (0.440A cont.)
    AAC: 1.000A (0.440A cont.)
    Resistance: 400.00 ohm-40M
    Frequency (0.5Hz-20kHz): 199.99Hz-19.999kHz
    Diode test: 2.000V
    Continuity: <100 Ohm
  • Storage temperature: -40 to 60 °C
Mfg Part# FLUKE-789 FC/T3000
Usually ships in 12 days.
$1,350.00 USD/EACH


Additel ADT220 Multifunction Loop Calibrator

  • Product Type: Loop Calibrators
  • Connections: 4 mm sockets and flat mini-jack thermocouple socket
  • Weight: 1.6 lb (0.7 kg)
Mfg Part# ADT220
Usually ships in 15 days.
$1,606.00 USD/EACH


Fluke 714B Thermocouple Calibrator, mV and mA measurement, dual input

  • Product Type: Temperature/Thermocouple Calibrators
  • Range: mV measure and source:
    0.001 mV
    DC mA measurement:
    0.001 mA
  • Storage temperature: -30 to 60°C
Mfg Part# FLUKE-714B
Usually ships in 14 days.
$1,490.00 USD/EACH


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