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Vibration Meter

Full line of vibration meters and vibration transmitters with software for in depth analysis.
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Vibration Meters

Vibration Meters

Vibration Meters

Davis Instruments offers a complete line of portable vibration meters and vibration transmitters designed for measuring acceleration, velocity, and displacement of many different types of equipment. We offer vibration meters that are loaded with many features, including manual/auto, store/recall, min/max, RMS and peak value modes, data hold, and full analysis software.

Why Use Vibration Meters?

Vibration meters take the guesswork out of machinery maintenance and vibration studies. Many factors can cause excessive vibration in rotating machinery including worn out bearings and couplings, foundation damage, broken mounting bolts, or even misalignment and unbalance. A vibration measurement program helps to stop these failures by detecting machine problems before any serious problems occurr.

Vibration meters allow you to monitor machinery and conduct thorough vibration inspections and comparative studies. Units provide accuracies up to 2.5% of reading, with selectable ranges, and are battery operated with digital LCD displays.

The vibration meter is a vital instrument in troubleshooting machinery perfomance and should be used in your preventive maintenance programs to help save time and money in eliminating critical downtime.

Typical Vibration Meter Applications

  • Motors and cam analysis
  • Bearing checks
  • Gear movement and engagement
  • Fans
  • Pumps
  • Monitoring turbines
  • Compressors
  • Conveyors
  • Equipment shock and pulsation checks
  • Machinery comparative studies
  • Power hand tools
  • Transportation equipment
Vibration Transmitters

Our vibration transmitters are perfect solutions for continuous monitoring of machinery, fans, motors, pumps, compressors, and conveyors. A vibration transmitter can be used for vibration monitoring of equipment in remote or hazardous locations. Designed in a rugged NEMA 4 rated case these vibration transmitters are ideal for all your industrial applications.

These vibration transmitters provide a range up to 0 to 5 in/sec and feature a two-wire, 4 to 20 mA signal format. Each vibration transmitter includes 1/2 inch NPT thread, or 1/4-20 stud x 1/2" deep for easy mounting.

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DO-65700-18 Extech SDL800 Vibration Meter/Datalogger

Extech SDL800 Vibration Meter/Datalogger

Vibration range Velocity (peak) 7.87 in./s, 200 mm/s, 19.99 cm/s (peak),Product Type Data logging vibration meter
Mfg Part#
In stock.
$1,049.00 USD/EACH


DO-65700-25 Fluke 810 Vibration Testing System

Fluke 810 Vibration Testing System; 5 Hz to 20 kHz

Dimensions " H 7-1/3,Dimensions " D 2-3/4,Dimensions " W 10.5
Mfg Part#
Usually ships in 10 days or sooner.
$8,599.95 USD/EACH


DO-65700-11 Balmac 230 Vibration Meter

Balmac 230 Vibration Meter 7.67" H x 3.97" W x 1.73" D (19 x 10 x 4 cm)

Vibration range Velocity (peak) 0.001 to 199.9 in./sec (peak) ,Display Graphic LCD with low-battery indicator,Product Type Digital vibration meter
Mfg Part#
Usually ships in 4 days.
$1,575.00 USD/EACH


Representative photo only Extech Heavy Duty Vibration Acceleration Velocity Displacement Meter

Extech Heavy Duty Vibration/Acceleration/Velocity/Displacement Meter

Vibration range Velocity (peak) 0.02 to 7.87 in/s
(0.5 to 199.9 mm/s),Display 3 1/2-digit LCD,Product Type Handheld Vibration Meter
Mfg Part#
In stock.
$899.00 USD/EACH


DO-98861-00 Hand-held digital vibration meter kit with English units
Usually ships in 5 days.
$1,848.00 USD/EACH


Representative photo only 191 1 Vibration Transmitter 0 1 in sec

191-1 : Vibration Transmitter,0-1 in/sec

Product Type Vibration transducer
Mfg Part#
In stock.
$385.00 USD/EACH


DO-65700-22 Fluke 805 Vibration Meter

Fluke 805 Precision Vibration Meter with 4-level severity scale

Vibration range Velocity (peak) in/sec, mm/sec,Dimensions " H 2-1/3,Dimensions " D 9-1/2
Mfg Part#
Available for order
or call 1-888-358-4712 to order
$1,899.95 USD/EACH


Representative photo only SPM ELS 12 SET Electronic Stethoscope Set
Available for order
or call 1-888-358-4712 to order
$784.00 USD/EACH


DO-98853-13 200 : Digital Vibration Meter

Balmac 200 Digital Vibration Meter; 3 to 2000 Hz

Product Type Handheld Vibration Meter
Mfg Part#
Usually ships in 4 days.
$1,300.00 USD/EACH

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DO-98832-00 Analog Vibration Meter

Balmac 211-S-100 Analog Vibration Meter; 3 to 10,000 Hz

Vibration range Velocity (peak) .03 to 100 in/sec,Display Analog: two scales
top: 0 to 10 full scale
bottom: 0 to 3 full scale
Mfg Part#
Usually ships in 7 days.
$1,376.00 USD/EACH


DO-98861-10 Pocket Vibration Meter
Usually ships in 5 days.
$893.00 USD/EACH


DO-65700-01 Extech VB300 3-Axis G-Force Data logger

Extech VB300 3-Axis G-Force Datalogger 3-3/4

Dimensions " H 1-1/8,Dimensions " D 3/4,Dimensions " W 3-3/4
Mfg Part#
In stock.
$209.99 USD/EACH


DO-65700-20 Extech VB400 Vibration Meter Pen

Extech VB400 Vibration Meter Pen 177.8 x 40.6 x 33 mm

Dimensions " H 1-1/3,Dimensions " L 7,Dimensions " W 1-2/3
Mfg Part#
Usually ships in 5 days or sooner.
$579.00 USD/EACH


DO-65700-23 TPI 9070 Vibration Meter

TPI 9070 Vibration Meter; ISO: 2/10 Hz to 1kHz, g: 2 Hz to 3 kHz

Dimensions " H 8,Dimensions " D 1-1/2,Dimensions " W 2-1/3
Mfg Part#
In stock.
$495.00 USD/EACH


Representative photo only 191 5 Vibration Transmitter 0 5in Sec

191-5 : Vibration Transmitter, 0-5in/Sec

Product Type Vibration transducer
Mfg Part#
Usually ships in 6 days.
$385.00 USD/EACH


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