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Masterflex L/S Series Peristaltic Tubing Pumps

Masterflex L/S Series Peristaltic Pumps

L/S® series peristaltic pumps include fixed and variable speeds, providing high accuracy drives for precise flow control and dispensing. Ideal for laboratory, process and field use.

L/S® Series Pump Components

    General and specialty heads are
    precisely engineered for reliable performance
    Custom made to ensure accurate, repeatable performance
    Control and format options give flexibility for your budget and application needs
    Convenient one-number systems are complete and ready to use
  Masterflex Series
    Compact, low flow
    Flow Range:
    0.002 to 43 mL/min
    Powerful systems
    Flow Range:
    0.001 to 26 LPM
    Highest flow rates
    Flow Range:
    0.3 to 42 LPM