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Watch: The T420 and T440 infrared cameras arm users with superior infrared imaging resolution that works harder to reveal trouble spots.

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The 5 Phases of an Effective Plant Maintenance Shutdown
Learn how to successfully manage a plant maintenenace shutdown using 5 phases.
Apr 20 2017 1:17PM

Applying Infrared Thermography to Predictive Maintenance
Thermal imaging technology can provide accuracy and cost savings when used in predictive maintenance schedules.
Aug 18 2016 1:58PM

Applying Handheld Test Tools to Proactive Maintenance
Learn how to apply handheld test tools to proactive maintenance and discover impending failures before equipment fails and causes downtime.
Aug 18 2016 1:28PM

Back Pressure in Flowmeters: Causes and Solutions
In some processes, sufficient back pressure will exceed maximum operating pressure causing some component of the process to fail. Read for possible solutions.
Mar 24 2016 2:13PM

12 Things To Consider Before Buying an Infrared Camera
12 things to consider before buying an infrared camera are presented
Jun 22 2015 9:25AM

Measuring Temperature Accurately: What Are the Costs?
As mercury-in-glass thermometers were replaced with alternatives, the question remains how accurate are the alternatives? What is the best option for a particular application? How much does accuracy cost?
May 12 2014 4:41PM

How to Choose a Flir T-Series Thermal Imager
The T420 and T440 infrared cameras arm users with superior infrared imaging resolution that works harder to reveal trouble spots.
Nov 22 2013 8:10AM

InnoCal Innovative Calibration Solutions
Trust InnoCal, with over a decade of service, we've helped thousands of customers meet ISO, FDA, EPA, GLPs/cGMPs and other quality standards
Nov 21 2013 2:58PM

Delmhorst Videos
Delmhorst Instruments is the leading name brand manufacturer for moisture meters specializing in pin-type moisture detectors.
Nov 15 2013 1:46PM

Fluke and Fluke Calibration Products
Davis Instruments offers a wide selection of test and measurement products from Fluke and Fluke Calibrations (Hart Scientific).
Nov 15 2013 1:30PM

Occupational Heat Exposure
Occupational heat exposure is an important health hazard that can occur outdoors or in a hot indoor environment. When someone is unable to sweat to cool the body, their core body temperature rises, and can be fatal.
May 3 2013 11:45AM

On the Radar: Weather Stations for Personal and Professional Use
You no longer have to be a meteorologist to gain access to sophisticated weather data and reliable forecasts. With high-quality weather stations available, even home users can gather a range of atmospheric information.
Mar 14 2013 11:33AM

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