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Articles and White Papers
Understanding Insulation Resistance Testing
Overview on motor insulation testing, including a how-to guide
Dec 13 2010 5:59PM

Articles and White Papers
In Praise of IR Thermometers
A guide to successful infrared temperature measurements
Jun 7 2010 3:47PM

Articles and White Papers
Temperature Calibration in Industrial Processes
A detailed review of calibration of temperature equipment
Jan 25 2010 5:08PM

Articles and White Papers
Velocity-Profile Deviations Influence Flowmeter Performance
A detailed review of flowmeter technologies and how each handles the very real problem of differing flow velocity profiles
Sep 25 2009 4:31PM

Articles and White Papers
Advancements in Temperature: Infrared Technology
Reviews the advantages, functionality and applications of IR thermometers
Sep 25 2009 4:15PM

Articles and White Papers
Paddlewheel Flowmeters: High flow system accuracy on a modest budget
Paddlewheel flowmeters are easy to install and operate, resulting in a very low overall cost of ownership
Sep 22 2009 2:48PM

Articles and White Papers
Choosing An Insulation Tester

Sep 22 2009 2:48PM

Articles and White Papers
High-Performance Data Acquisition on USB
Enable your PC’s USB port to deliver high-performance data into your PC system. Read more on how you can achieve this with a hardware USB interface and optimized driver software, ensuring quick and accurate data storage.
Sep 22 2009 2:49PM

Articles and White Papers
Confined Space Alert: Cultivating Safety at Wind Farms
Technicians working in wind towers must be aware of, and armed against, confined space hazards that include unsafe oxygen levels, and toxic and flammable gases.
Sep 22 2009 2:48PM

Articles and White Papers
Why calibratetest equipment?
Information on the "true" purpose of calibrations and tips on setting up an effective calibration plan
Aug 25 2006 10:25AM

Articles and White Papers
PVC and CPVC Piping Selection Guide
A technical chart detailing the properties of different sizes of PVC and CPVC piping
Aug 25 2006 10:26AM

Articles and White Papers
Vibration Sensor Selection Guide
A review of the considerations necessary to choose a vibration sensor
Aug 25 2006 10:26AM

Articles and White Papers
Humidity Expressed as Dewpoint Temperature
Explains the behavior of dewpoint temperature (Td) and clarifies the terminology used to describe it.
Aug 25 2006 10:25AM

Articles and White Papers
When to Use A Two-Color Infrared Thermometer
Describes applications where a two-color infrared thermometer performs better than a regular infrared thermometer
Aug 25 2006 10:26AM

Articles and White Papers
Lightnin Mixer Standards- ATEX Marking
Information on ATEX classification and certification of products
Aug 25 2006 10:25AM

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