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Air Analysis
 Portable Gas Detectors
 Test and Calibration Systems
 Fixed-Mount Gas Detectors
 USB PID Gas Detectors
 Indoor Air Quality Meters
 Carbon Monoxide Analyzers
 Particle Counters
 Radiation Meters

Airflow / HVAC-R 
 Airflow Capture Hoods
 Vane Anemometers
 Hot-Wire Thermoanemometers
 Combination Anemometer
 Combustible Leak Detectors
 Combustion Analyzers

Calibration Equipment 
 Benchtop Calibrators
 Multifunction Calibrators
 Voltage / Current Calibrators
 Pressure / Vacuum Calibrators
 Hand Pumps
 Gas Flow Calibrators
 Temperature Calibrators
 Temperature Calibration Baths
 Temperature Calibration Wells
 Infrared Temperature Calibrators
 Decade Boxes

 Multimeters / Accessories
 Electrical / Voltage / GFCI Testers
 Gauss / Tesla / EMF Meters
 Wiring / Circuit Load Testers
 Current Clamps / Probes
 Power Quality Instruments
 Digital Clamp Meters
 Resistance / Insulation Testers
 Ground Resistance Testers
 Portable High Current Test Kits
 Hipot Testers
 Dielectric Test Sets
 High-Voltage Voltmeters / Detectors
 Digital Transformer Ratiometers
 Motor Rotation / Phase Testers
 Phase / Battery Capacity Testers
 Cable Height Meters / Pipe Locators
 Voltage Controllers / Transformers
 Outlet Strips / Surge Suppressors

Electronic / RF
 Benchtop Oscilloscopes
 Handheld Oscilloscopes
 Oscilloscope Probes / Accessories
 RF Power Sensors
 Spectrum Analyzers
 Switch Systems
 Source Meters
 Power Analyzers
 LCR / Capacitance Meters
 Function Generators
 Frequency Counters / Pulse Generators
 DC Power Supplies
 AC and AC/DC Power Supplies
 DC Electronic Loads
 AC and AC/DC Power Sources

   Gas Mass
 Transmitters / Controllers
 Flow Switches

Force / Torque
 Digital Force Gauges
 Mechanical Force Gauges
 Force Test Stands
 Force / Torque Gauges
 Force / Torque Sensors
 Torque Testers
 Torque Wrenches
 Load Cells

General Maintenance
 Fume Extractors
 Instrument Carts
 Stools / Ladders
 Timers / Stopwatches

 Heating Tapes and Cords
 Pail and Drum Heaters
 Blanket Heaters
 Immersion Heaters

Humidity / Moisture
 Humidity Transmitters
 Industrial Hygrometers
 Dew Point Analyzers
 Handheld Thermohygrometers
 Digital Humidity Indicators
 Dial Humidity Indicators
 Water Alarms
 Heat Stress Meters
 Handheld Moisture Meters

Industrial Networking
 Time Domain Reflectometers
 Network Switches

 Ultrasonic Level Transmitters
 Level Switches
 Submersible Level Transmitters
 Panel Meters / Controllers

 Light Meters
 Calibrated Light Meters
 UV Light Meters

 In-Line Static Mixers

 Indicators and Controllers
 I/P and E/P Transducers / Regulators
 Manual Regulators / Needle Valves

Process Controls
 Push Buttons / Sensors / Switches
 Temperature Controllers
 Process Controllers
 Panel Meters / Counters / Timers
 Operator Interfaces / Marquees
 Power Supplies
 I/O Modules and Control Systems
 Solid-State and Current Relays
 Signal Conditioners

Pumps / Compressors / Motors
   Drum and Hand
   Positive Displacement

Recorders / Data Acquisition
 Paperless Recorders
 Strip Chart Recorders
 Circular Chart Recorders
 Wireless Data Logging Systems
  Data Loggers
   Universal Input
   Temperature / Humidity

Refractometers / Viscometers
 Portable Digital Refractometers
 Hand Refractometers
 Falling Ball Viscometers
 Portable Digital Viscometers
 Gel Time Meter

 Arc Flash Protection

Scales / Balances / Weights
 Mass Recalibrations
 Calibration Masses

 Sound Level Meters
 Sound Level Calibrators
 Sound Level Data Loggers
 Noise Dosimeters

Surface Testing
 Hardness Testers
 Roughness Testers
 Gloss Checkers
 Thickness Gauges
 Ferrite Content Meter

Tachometers / Stroboscopes
 Combination Tachometer / Stroboscope

 Thermal Imagers
 Infrared Thermometers / Sensors
 Reference Thermometers
 Reference / Secondary Probes
 Temperature Meters
 Monitors / Switches
 Industrial Surface Thermometers
 Industrial Bimetal Thermometers
 Digital / Pocket Thermometers
 Glass Thermometers
 Temperature Labels
 Industrial and Handheld Probes
 Cable / Probe Accessories

Tools / Physical Dimensional
 Protractors / Rules
 Test Indicators
 Laser Distance Meters
 Video Inspection Scopes

Vibration / Leak Detection 
 Vibration Meters
 Electronic Stethoscopes
 Combination Tachometer / Vibration Meter
 Vibration (G-Force) Data Logger
 Vibration Transmitters
 Ultrasonic Leak Detectors
 Acoustical Leak Detector

Water Quality 
 pH/ORP Panel Meters / Controllers
 Conductivity Panel Meters
 Dissolved Oxygen Panel Meter
 Benchtop Meters
 Handheld Meters
 Pocket Testers
 Laboratory and Field pH Electrodes
 Buffers and Calibration Solutions

 Weather Stations
 Weather Station Accessories
 Rain Gauges
 Lightning Detectors
 Handheld Weather Meters
 Water Depth Gauge