6 Industrial Uses for Masterflex Peristaltic Pumps

For transferring and metering needs, Masterflex® pumps offer reliable service in continuous-duty areas. They also solve many tough pumping application challenges.

In industrial settings, these pumps handle suspended solids, harsh chemicals, wastewater, and more. While there are many ways to use these peristaltic pumps in industry, here are six:Masterflex-BT-Pump-Series

    1. Pump adhesives for cement
    2. Transfer or meter caustic detergents
    3. Hazardous duty fluid transfer
    4. Move fuels and lubricants
    5. Dispense glue emulsions
    6. Tank transfer

The easy-to-maintain Masterflex® pumps have drives designed to handle the rugged environment of any plant. They are reversible—operating in both directions without disconnecting the tubing. They transfer and dispense viscous materials such as oils or fluids in suspension. By operating with a wide range of tubing materials, they are compatible with many industrial chemicals.

You can even design your own industrial metering and transfer equipment, with OEM experts to help you.

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