Power Supply Options for Industrial Needs

S8VS09024A:Switching Power Supply 90W 3.75AS8VS09024A:Switching Power Supply 90W 3.75A

Preventing power failure in the manufacturing and industrial industries is paramount. Loss costs and related downtime can add up to significant expenses. For many, industrial power must be continuous and offer innate alert systems.

Power supplies can include many features that increase your confidence in maintaining continuous power. Some of these include:

  • LED displays which show status at a glance for output voltage, output current, peak current, lifetime years and run time hours
  • Run-time monitor models which display how long the output has been on in thousands of hours
  • Maintenance forecast monitors that display the remaining life of the power supply in years
  • Undervoltage alarm functions for the voltage drop caused by momentary power failures or deterioration due to age of power supply
  • Simultaneous measurement of several variables of a heavy current power system: current voltage, active, reactive and apparent power, active and reactive energy, power factor, frequency, and more

Assess which features are must-haves for your operation and view our selection of panel power supplies. Have questions? Contact our technical support team.

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