Gain Temperature Stability with Industrial Recirculator Coolers

Industrial Recirculator CoolersIndustrial Recirculator Coolers

With a higher cooling capacity, industrial recirculator coolers keep temperatures down to -20°C. This capacity is ideal for many industrial and lab applications. Pilot plants, mills, electron microscopes, lasers, and gas drying all can make use of this type of chiller.

How does it work? Powerful circulating pumps operate with a gauge and bypass valve to adjust pressure. The pump motor and cooling unit consume low energy for greater efficiency and also offer overload protection. A black box records errors for remote diagnosis.

Yet, the cooler (shown) is also designed to be easier to use. It is ergonomically designed with easy setup for PID temperature control via the LED display. One point temperature calibration maximizes accuracy. Rollers allow for easy movement. Filling is also easy with the fill-level indicator. The drain tap is accessible.

Place it nearly anywhere—no side vents allow you to put it against other instruments. A removable grid helps you keep the condenser clean and running at full cooling capacity.

View the Julabo FL Industrial Recirculator Coolers (7kW, Water Cooled 400V 50 Hz) and High-Powered Recirculating Coolers.

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