Solar Analyzers: 4 Tests for Solar Panels

SOLAR-600 12-Amp Solar-Power AnalyzerSOLAR-600 12-Amp Solar-Power Analyzer

How do you maintain and troubleshoot solar panels? The solar analyzer is an easy way to test panels for enhanced efficiency. You can also use it:

  • In the factory to enforce higher standards in quality control
  • In the field to ensure proper installation
  • For technicians to determine optimal angles for fixed installation
  • To design an automated angle adjustment system

Portable analyzers allow solar panel manufacturers to test the characteristics of panels in the production line. This ensures their quality before shipment.

The unit shown monitors voltage and current under actual operating conditions. This is significant because conditions may vary in the morning, at noon, and after noon. It ensures the design of an optimal charging system for absorbing solar power and storing it.

Data the unit supplies include efficiency (%) calculation of solar panel, I-V Curve test for solar cell, maximum solar power (Pmax) search by auto-scan, and more. Its data logging function allows you to analyze solar power characteristics over a period of time.

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