Protect Data Integrity with Data Acquisition System

Cole-Parmer® Electronic Data Acquisition SystemsCole-Parmer® Electronic Data Acquisition Systems

Make sure you protect your data integrity with data acquisition systems designed with multiple layers of security for recorded data. Password protection, date/time stamps, and data encryption ensure these electronic records meet 21 CFR Part 11 requirements.

What are multiple layers of security? Three levels of password protection prevent tampering and data loss accidents. All data is stored in an encrypted binary format, including the time and date stamp. An on-board backup battery and power failure-initiated shutdown protects data stored in nonvolatile memory from corruption.

The paperless data acquisition systems shown are easy to program via the touch screen LCD. Data and graphics displays are customizable, delivering the information you need in the format you prefer. A variety of indicators and trend graphs are available. An on-screen chart annotation with stylus saves notes and comments in the permanent electronic record

How does it work? Connect transmitters (up to two frequency transmitters) directly to the universal inputs, then program which channels, sampling rates, events, and start/stop times and dates to record. Universal inputs accept voltage, current, frequency, and temperature.

Need more information? Check out the Cole-Parmer® Electronic Data Acquisition Systems.


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