Plan for the Weather with Handheld Weather Instruments

Cole-Parmer® Environmental Meter
Cole-Parmer® Environmental Meter

As autumn soon fades and winter hustles in, how can you prepare for potentially volatile weather? Handheld weather instruments are convenient without requiring the investment of a full weather station.

These instruments monitor and measure weather conditions. They record barometric pressure, temperature, humidity, dew point, altitude, wind speed, wind chill, heat index among other parameters. Want some indication of changing conditions? Watch for dropping barometric pressure and/or wind speed acceleration. Concerned about frost on your plants outdoors? Check for plummeting temperature and wind chill data.

It also can be helpful to get a “heads up” when a storm is approaching. For alerts, look for handheld units offering a storm alarm. Some are also water resistant and may be shock resistant.

Their small size and light weight make these instruments easy to carry around with you, take on trips, or tuck into a backpack. If you’re planning outdoor activities—attending football games, enjoying winter sports, taking a hike—make sure you carry your weather instrument with you.

What are your options? View our handheld weather instruments.

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  1. Davis is one of my favorite weather station brands. Although your products are pretty expensive but their performance is undoubtedly superior!

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