Selecting a Force Gauge

Shimpo FG-3008 Digital Force Gauge
Shimpo FG-3008 Digital Force Gauge

Work in quality control or research & development? You likely have seen a force gauge measuring push and pull, tension and compression. Force gauges handle significant force in testing electronics, chemical, and plastics products.

Their peak force measurement indicates the maximum load the product can sustain. Developing a profile of the materials you are testing and how they respond to force is valuable for analysis.

Mechanical or Digital?

Both options—mechanical and digital—are available in either English or metric scales. Digital gauges are gradually replacing many mechanical gauges. Gauges come in a broad range of capacities, resolution, and accuracy.

Get maximum flexibility with gauges that offer three or more modes of operation: track, peak, and preset limits. A comparator output function can give you easy pass/fail system integration capabilities. Some gauges offer a unique averaging mode to record the average force over time, useful in applications such as peel testing.

Most force gauges are constructed with rugged materials to withstand testing demands. Make sure your choice is designed to last.

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  1. I sure an alchemist – mechanic really need a force gauge. This is strong device to help most cases and safety

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