Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance: Why You Should Start Now

Predictive maintenance (PdM,) also known as proactive maintenance, is a right-on-time maintenance strategy that allows you to detect the onset of mechanical degradation prior to either reduced operating efficiencies or total mechanical failure. A successful PdM…

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Air velocity transmitters

4 Ways to Use Air Velocity Transmitters

Slow air flow can stall your processes and increase environmental discomfort. Take air velocity measurements at various flow rates and temperatures with air velocity transmitters. These precise instruments may be installed permanently in an air…


Control AC Voltage with Autotransformers

With summer heat peaking, air conditioners shoulder a heavy load. Autotransformers are efficient devices for controlling AC voltage and any other quantities that derive from AC voltage: heat output, light intensity, motor speed, and power…


Check HVAC Efficiency with a Combustion Analyzer

Whether you are in manufacturing or services, monitoring your HVAC-R systems with a combustion analyzer can be a financial advantage. Inefficiencies in your combustion system will lead to increased fuel use and costs. A combustion…