Industrial mixers

6 Types of Industrial Mixers

Mixing large quantities or high viscosity material? An industrial mixer will meet your requirements. When you combine it with the right propeller, it can mix up to 1500 gallons (5700 liters) of material with a…

Cole-Parmer® In-Line PP Strainer Top

Remove Crude Solids with an Industrial Strainer

Looking to protect your pipes and extend the life of your process equipment? Use an industrial strainer to remove unwanted particulates from your process fluid. The strainer can lighten the load of material passing through…

Professional Air Compressor

4 Considerations When Choosing an Air Compressor

Air compressors serve many purposes from powering air tools to industrial processes. You’ll want your air compressor to meet the demands of your application. Economical models are handy for around the workshop or garage applications….