Shimpo FG-3008 Digital Force Gauge

Selecting a Force Gauge

Work in quality control or research & development? You likely have seen a force gauge measuring push and pull, tension and compression. Force gauges handle significant force in testing electronics, chemical, and plastics products. Their…

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FlukeĀ® 9040, Digital Phase Rotation Indicator

Phase Testers: Detecting Motor Faults

Measuring phase rotation with a phase tester or phase rotation meter can help uncover faults in your motor not previously detected. It can also check your new or refurbished motor or pump to make sure…

Type 3511 I/P Digital Pressure Regulator

8+ Ways to Use Pressure Transducers

A transducer transmits one form of energy to another. Transducers can be used in manufacturing using manifolds with the transducers in line or acting as stand-alone units with small footprints. Digital pressure transducers for applications…