Monarch Instruments 6205-052 PalmStrobe x Stroboscope Kit

Monitor Vibrating Parts with Stroboscopes

Inspecting moving parts becomes easier and safer when you use a stroboscope to freeze or slow down the action. By observing the part at vibration frequency, it appears to stop via the stroboscope‚Äôs flash. Of…

Vibration Transmitter

Why Use a Vibration Transmitter?

Vibration transmitters provide continuous monitoring of equipment in remote or hazardous locations. Because of the service they provide at a fairly low cost, these transmitters can be a valuable asset. Ideal for industrial uses, they…

191-1: Vibration Transmitter

Using Vibration Transmitters

Machinery, motors, compressors, and conveyors create vibration. Vibration transmitters continuously monitor the level of vibration to provide much-needed information about how the equipment is operating. Excessive vibration can indicate problems. Perhaps you have a misaligned…